Neal's ass is magic (fatale) wrote in leavingfamefans,
Neal's ass is magic

Oh, Hayden! Tove! Ryan!

*wrings hands*

I'm putting this here because my flist hates rps and would disown me.

I've been wickedly busy and read this thread and I get it now. This isn't going to end prettily for any of them and Ryan's last confessional post made me wibbly because - god - he's willing to give up his shot at truly having his love to make Hayden happy? Self-sacrafice! Redeemed!Ryan. (Well, not really. He's still an ass to anyone he doesn't care about)

Hayden, you harlot!

No, no, baby, come back. I didn't mean that all. *pets*

Tove, you jerk. No, I didn't mean that either. I love you, too, and I can only imagine how hard it must be to love someone that you can't keep. And you can't keep Hayden no matter how much you try to own him, how much you try to make him your own. A person isn't meant to own another person like that and Hayden's never been very good at controlling his heart...

I think the problem with Tove and Ryan is, you have two men of feeling and they both try to control that in different ways. Tove becomes super-producer-man and scarily like a dominatrix (will not imagine Tove in a leather thong, will not!) and Ryan becomes more detached and snide (which Hayden naturally interpets as rejection). Hayden though, has fucked up all their priorities and broken down their defenses and both men feel so much that they can't help but want Hayden - all of him - which he's incapabale of giving. He's a creature of sensation and all the attention he's getting is feeding his (rather scary) need to be loved. I can imagine some kid at school asking Hayden to jump out a window because it would be really cool to know if he could land on his feet. All it would take is maybe a soft swipe across the cheek or a pat on the shoulder and Hayden would do it with the same fragile hope that I see when he's approached by people.

Oh, Hayden, you're in control here and yet, you're incapable of making a mature (unselfish) decision because you're still chasing after affection wherever you can get it. Didn't your parents hug you as a child? Come here, I'll hug you. Then I'll kill you because you totally decimated two other grown men and I could see you doing it to other people, if you haven't already. Grow up, you can't keep doing this to people you profess to love.

Well, okay, you can have more sex first. But then you need to grow up.

*really wibbles now*

No one will end up happy because even if all three do manage to coexist, they won't ever have all of what they want. They expect too little and god, but they need too much. It's like watching a train wreck in progress with buttsex and blow jobs.
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